Baton Rouge Dentist Specializes In Teeth Whitening Procedures

GrandEveryone loves and appreciates a beautiful smile. But as we grow older, teeth often darken and discolor due to a number of reasons. Teeth may become stained by smoking, foods, coffee, tea, or red wine. Certain medications such as tetracycline discolor the teeth by reducing the brilliance of the enamel.

Before undergoing any whitening method, The American Dental Association, recommends a thorough dental checkup before having a whitening procedure.  Dentist Baton Rouge РDr. Grand can tell if the whitening procedures will be beneficial for you. Before making a recommendation, he will thoroughly examine your teeth including a health and dental history noting allergies.

In-office bleaching usually requires only one office visit. This dentist will apply a rubber shield or a protective gel to your gums to reduce the risk of chemical burns on the soft tissues. He will then apply the bleaching agent to the teeth and use a special laser to enhance the action of the whitening agent. Unfortunately, whiteners may not be helpful for brownish and grayish hued teeth or ones that have bonding or tooth colored fillings.

Once Dr. Grand has determined that you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, it is a simple procedure. For more information, contact Dentist Baton Rouge Facebook.

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